smile, it's monday :) some fun stuff to make you happy if you aren't already- which you should be because today is our one day of spring in NYC.. ENJOY FRIENDS :)

you should know_mree

i promise its a matter of months (if that) before you're going to hear about this girl everywhere. last week i went to go see mree who was playing a short gig at pianos, and jesus christ, her voice is absolutely angelic. 

even more touching was how humble and sweet the 19-year-old musician is. when i told her i'd been listening to her album, winterwell, on repeat, she touched her heart and said "really? oh my god.. thank you!" --and it was so genuine. just makes you want to support young talent that much more. check out 3 of my fav songs:

Mree – Lift Me Up

Mree – Into the Well

you should know_detroit is beautiful

most of what we see across facebook and instagram feeds features the intriguing #ruinporn that the city of detroit is crawling with. rarely does anyone showcase the rich history or current betterment overflowing in the city. i found this video from german PR firm OSK to be extremely heart-warming; for once our city is showcase in its glory--past and present--and not for the means of selling a chrysler vehicle

please make sure to check out OSK's extremely thoughtful and insightful blog post on the city of detroit here