hey guys, i'm so sorry to do this--especially seeing how much traffic this page gets on mondays--but i am switching to monthly mixtapes. i'd rather put together a solid playlist than just throw stuff together in a rush. 

first monday of every month, check back here for a solid mixtape :)


well, it's certainly not monday. but this is your monday mixtape--i'm sorry guys. first time i've been late in 22 weeks. forgive me!!

you should know_willys detroit

yet another reason to be proud of my city. shinola recently opened up willys detroit, a 'multibrand concept boutique' which curates some of the coolest (mostly american made) brands (shout out to common projects, mollusk, apolis + more). probably the first time many of these brands have their product in the state of michigan..and at a gorgeous shop at that. can't wait to check it out next time i'm in the mitten! 

you should know_fred water


you know i'm all about great design. even more rad than the design of this (flask shaped) bottle is that it's BPA and phthalate-free, and thus safe to keep reusing!

earth friendly + great design = i'm a fan

but beware you will get double takes as you're quenching your thirst on the subway