you should know_morgan o'kane

the first year i lived in this city i avoided subway travel at all costs. being highly claustrophobic, and not particularly enjoying the company of impatient a-holes during rush hour, i learned the bus system, and rollerbladed around town. but then i realized a few things: 1) the subway is insanely faster 2) you meet some really cool people and 3) there's a hidden world of ridiculously talented musicians down there. its like seeing an awesome concert for free...or for a dollar or two in tips

the one guy who can always get me to miss a few trains is morgan o'kane. the guy is BEYOND. RIDICULOUSLY. TALENTED. this mountain man spent years jumping freight trains all over the country, before settling atop his suitcase (which he uses as a kick-drum) playing his banjo and sharing his passionate voice with NYC commuters

i even got lucky enough to dance to morgan's music on a beautiful summer night on a rooftop garden at brooklyn's navy yard after watching the sunset over new york city. i'll prevent myself from over-gushing, but it was my favorite night in my 2 and a half years living here...

if he is coming to a city near you, please go check him out. even if you think you don't like bluegrass. this guy's spirit is contagious, and you'll be smiling well after the show